Angie MacMahon – Light, Dark, Light Again

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Angie McMahon just dropped her second studio album Light, Dark, Light Again October 27th. McMahon collaborated with Grammy nominated producer Brad Cook to capture the chaos of life in each song, guided by a self-driven tenderness. Timing vs time is the theme, and she reminds us that time is a construct that shifts and transforms. This idea holds particularly true in an era where there is pressure on us to create art rapidly and post it on social media before the day ends. It took four years for Angie McMahon to give us another album, and she made every minute worth the wait.

On track two, Fireball Whiskey, McMahon shows off the same detailed storytelling skills she had on her first album, Salt. Her music skillfully combines intimate emotions with a gentle yet powerful sound. Most of us have our own Fireball whiskey stories. That’s the nature of the drink. The last shot always leads to some kind of climax.

Track four, Letting Go, has the listener feeling McMahon’s elation in the beat. She sings it’s ok/it’s ok/ make mistakes, on repeat, louder and louder, until you’re forgiving yourself for every single moment of regret. Is this therapy? Maybe.

Track ten, Serotonin, is about getting back on your feet again, from the inside out. Knowing oneself can only come with the passing of time, of people, of energy, and we can’t force it. The closing track, Making It Through, begs you to pry your own white-knuckled grip from the neck of life, and let it breathe.

Light, Dark, Light Again is the remedy for the tightness in your chest. It is the cure for bad timing and hesitation. Turn off your alarm and turn up this album because deadlines are made up, and we owe to ourselves to let our natural timeline lead the way.

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