Keeper Is Positively ‘Better Off’ 

London-based musician Keeper continues to ascend with his latest single, “Better Off,” a track that exudes positivity.

Keeper – Better Off

Known for his role as the guitarist in the post-hardcore outfit Jack The Envious, Keeper has been steadily carving out a place in the independent music realm. His music blends elements of emo-rap, pop-punk, and hyper-pop, creating a distinct and contemporary sonic landscape.

Keeper’s musical charisma has always shone through, but it was his debut EP, “Guess I’m Keeper” in 2021, that truly propelled him into the spotlight. This release garnered attention from various music publications such as Clash Magazine, Alternative Press, and New Noise Magazine, solidifying his position as a promising new artist on the rise.

Better Off represents a shift towards a more optimistic theme in Keeper’s repertoire. The song underscores the importance of connections, friendships, and family during challenging times. For Keeper, this track holds special significance, serving as a cathartic expression due to its reflective and heartfelt nature.

In this latest release, Keeper presents some of his most refined production work yet. The track sparkles with a fusion of electronic arrangements, distorted vocal effects, and robust guitar riffs, effortlessly blending catchy pop elements with the finesse of alternative rock.

“Better Off is an inspiring anthem driven by heartfelt lyricism.”

Better Off is a testament to Keeper’s artistic growth, demonstrating his diverse skill set. His innovative production choices and introspective songwriting truly set him apart, establishing an exciting anticipation for what he’ll create next.

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