Shop Front Heroes Share The Anthemic ‘Caer Bryn’

Shop Front Heroes’ new single ‘Caer Bryn’ is a captivating rock anthem.

Shop Front Heroes – Caer Bryn

Shop Front Heroes is a 5-piece rock band from Mid-Wales, made up of members Stevie Yeomans (Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Piano), Jake Owen (Lead Guitar/Vox), Matt Whitehouse (Drums), Tom Jaques (Guitar/Vox), and the recent addition of Alex Middleton (Bass). Crafting anthemic songs of ecstatic power, the group have already created a diverse and stunning discography. Housing elements of rock, classic rock and alt, their sound is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart that keeps you begging for more. Their new single ‘Caer Bryn’ is no exception.

Uplifting and powerful, there’s an assured confidence practically seeping through every note and vocal run in this track. Each member (from Whitehouse’s thunderous snares to Yeomans powerhouse vocals) give it their absolute all. They know exactly what they want this track to be, and each note serves that purpose effortlessly. 

Exploring personal topics and universally relatable subjects simultaneously, lead singer Stevie Yeomans dives into nostalgia, longing, and heartache. The track resonates with everyone who has ever wanted more, whether from a relationship, an experience or simply life. 

Recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios, the band’s highly anticipated debut album ‘SuperPowers’ was mixed by Stew Jackson (known for his work with Massive Attack, Nick Cave, and Emily Breeze) and masterfully mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios (credited for his work with The Beatles, Queen, Rush, and Radiohead). Beautifully full strings and the inclusion of the Welsh Male Voice Choir help make the track sound massive. Strong songwriting and a band at full form do the rest.

Stevie Yeomans shared his thoughts on the single below:

“This is the most personal song that I have written, and although there’s an element of artistic licence involved, the honesty of the situation is at its core for all to see and hear. Caer Bryn is a passionate, honest song. Hearts are on the sleeve, and you can’t hide from the feeling of truth and raw emotion when you listen to it or perform it.

I think that every one of us has our own Caer Bryn somewhere. It doesn’t have to be built from love and stone, as was the case here, but it’s that one thing in your life that you’ve given everything for and put your soul on the line for. Whatever happens, you’ll always be a hero if you’ve done that.”

‘Caer Bryn’ is an anthemic rock tune that burns with passion and heartfelt sentimentality.

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