DINKY’s Instant Classic ‘It’s Not About You’

Discover DINKY’s indie-rock singalong track ‘It’s Not About You’.

DINKY – ‘It’s Not About You’

‘She said, Come over, I can’t stand feeling sober…’ opens ‘It’s Not About You’ by DINKY. It’s a line that sets up the simple story of this song – trying to support a friend who’s on the edge, whilst not getting sucked into their dysfunction. But instead of getting heavy, DINKY deliver this with an upbeat feel and charming bittersweetness. 

DINKY are an alternative indie-rock band based in the West Midlands. No newcomers on the scene, they’ve already got albums under their belt and received wide radio play from the likes of BBC Introducing. This track is the lead single from their upcoming third album, due 2024.

‘It’s Not About You’ is an instantly catchy indie-rock track, with a timeless feel and an endearing emotional maturity.

The narrator bluntly addresses an erratic friend – ‘I don’t wanna be another regret because you needed a lover to get you through the night’ –  while remaining sympathetic to them – ‘you shouldn’t worry’ – but balancing their own concern as well – ‘I can’t come over to watch you pass out on the sofa’. The instantly hooky chorus reassures, ‘it’s not about you, it’s not about me’, with confident lead vocals and satisfying harmonies delivering the simple yet effective melodies. 

The production centres around strong guitars, energetic drums and catchy ‘woahs’, making the track an easy singalong and perfect for a festival or gig setting. There’s a retro feel to it – bands like Weezer and REM come to mind – but nothing too dated. DINKY don’t overcomplicate the track, and it’s hugely enjoyable. 

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