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Delving into the emotive essence of love, Kodiak Arcade presents new single ‘Another Summer’.

Kodiak Arcade – Another Summer

Kodiak Arcade, the creative brainchild of accomplished electronica composer Graeme Cornies, offers a fresh perspective in his latest single, ‘Another Summer.’

With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, Graeme, under the moniker Kodiak Arcade, boasts an impressive portfolio spanning more than forty TV shows and exceeding 1,000 episodes. His influential contributions to beloved kids’ shows such as Paw Patrol, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and the renowned animated franchise Total Drama have garnered him multiple awards, including recognition from SOCAN, BMI, and several Emmys. Adding to this list of achievements, Graeme and his team clinched their second Canadian Screen Award in 2020, solidifying their undeniable talent.

As Kodiak Arcade, Graeme masterfully blends the intricate layers of electronica with visually stunning elements that depict the wonders of nature and the vast realm of boundless imagination. This unique approach has established him as an artist who captivates audiences through both musical and visual storytelling.

His most recent release, Another Summer, explores the intricate dynamics of enduring relationships. Addressing a universal question that many individuals encounter in their lives—can love sustain its vibrancy beyond the initial excitement of a new relationship?—

Graeme weaves a sonic tapestry that intricately illustrates this complex theme. The song envelops listeners in a rich array of textures, embracing soothing vocals and harmonious arrangements, guiding them into a breathtaking soundscape.

“Another Summer stands as an emotional masterpiece within the realm of electronic music, characterized by its vulnerability and heartfelt lyrical content”.

Kodiak Arcade doesn’t just deliver impeccable production; the project excels in evoking profound emotional experiences, leaving an indelible impression that lingers long after the music stops.

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