Bobby Guard Buries Gender Norms in New Single

Bobby Guard, based in Denver, Colorado, teases their upcoming debut LP “Horror Movies” with single release, “Bury Me.” The song combines elements of classic rock, folk, new-wave and hyper pop, including the heavy use of synthesizers. The song is energetic and upbeat, driven by a bright-sounding acoustic guitar, shimmering synths, and folky sounding vocals. Bury Me is quite the earworm – vocal lines take adventurous shifts, proving the artist’s raw talent. Lyrically brilliant Bobby Guard challenges the societal norms of genders throughout the verses of the song. They explain the lyrics of the song are about queer resilience and queer empowerment:

“Bury Me” is about Queer resilience, about taking ownership of one’s narrative and having some fun with it along the way. It takes inspiration from The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II’s concept of an ancient force that has always existed having to put up with an all-American meathead with a Main Character complex. As the song relays, to be buried “in mine” is to take comfort and pride in existing and to challenge the idea that death is an ending at all when it comes to the ancient “spirit in the woods” of Queerness.

Horror Movies will release sometime in early 2024, and is a 13-song concept album inspired by the horror films and music of the late 70s and early 80s. You can hear a few more songs from the record on November, 3rd for BandCamp Friday at All sales help fund album production!

Listen to this incredible song on Spotify now:

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written by Ryan Cassata

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