KNETX’s ‘SOMETHING/NOTHING’: A Tale of Passion, Turmoil, and Musical Brilliance

“SOMETHING/NOTHING,” the new song by KNETX, is an absolute must-listen. It commences with a mellow introduction that swiftly crescendos into an indie-rock anthem featuring an irresistibly catchy vocal melody. The track is brimming with intense emotions, narrating the story of a romance with a fellow band member that vacillates between intense passion and icy detachment. It’s a tale of fervor and destruction, marked by constant back-and-forth dynamics. This song vividly portrays the themes of toxicity, the rollercoaster of falling in and out of love, and the heartbreak that inevitably follows. “SOMETHING/NOTHING” boasts brilliant lyrics, impassioned vocals, and highlights the exceptional performance and songwriting prowess evident in every single line. Tune in to this compelling track now on Spotify:

“I wrote SOMETHING/NOTHING just before starting KNETX in December 2021. I was dating my bandmate which is never the wisest thing to do. But when it’s passionate, it’s intensely passionate. And when it’s destructive, it really sucks. We split up a couple of times before the final one. This song was written during one of those breaks, wondering how long before we’d reunite. The song shifts in dynamics – quiet to loud to quiet – just as our dynamic shifted – abruptly. From the ashes of that relationship, however, KNETX was borne – my outlet for all those intense feelings. The music was inspired by a variety of sounds, certainly by 90s alternative rock. The title is a nod to the classic Todd Rundgren album.” – KNETX

Written by Ryan Cassata

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