Magen Tracy Looks Through Time On ‘At My Age’

Discover Magen Tracy & The Missed Connections’ unique indie-rock track ‘At My Age’.

Magen Tracy & The Missed Connections – ‘At My Age’

We’ve all had some kind of words thrown at us about age – we’re too young, too old, we should know better at our age, etc. But the truth is, age and wisdom and experience don’t always align, and you can find yourself in teenage turmoil even in your 40s. Magen Tracy & The Missed Connections bring this knowledge to a sensitive and powerful track about life, experiences, wisdom and choice, ‘At My Age’. 

Magen Tracy & The Missed Connections are a band with roots in Boston who’ve already received several local music nods. Lead singer Magen Tracy was inspired to write this track about mothers, daughters and a woman’s right to choose, although its meaning can be applied to many life experiences.

‘At My Age’ is a deeply real, bittersweet indie-rock track with an important message and some catchy hooks.

The track begins looking back on experiences, noting ‘I wasn’t 17, you wouldn’t say I hadn’t lived my life.’ The confessional lyrics trace the turmoil of life and stories that ‘spill like water on the floor’, bitterly adding ‘now I’ve got one less right’ thanks to the Supreme Court. It neatly then reflects on daughters and young women of today, and ‘every woman who wanted more’. It’s delivered with Tracy’s gutsy lead vocals and distinctive, catchy melodies. 

The production centres around grungy guitars balanced with a chugging bass, classic beats and delicate strings. Acts like No Doubt and Fleetwood Mac come to mind, and any listeners looking for a mature indie-rock track with a rare and important message should give this a spin. 

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