Time to “Take Some Action”: Iridesense New Election Day 2023 Single Release

(Cover art: Melissa Harwood)

New York, NY (November 2023) This Election Day, Power Pop pioneers Iridesense have just released their first full band single in eight years, entitled “Take Some Action” on Spotify and all the major music services. Listen here.

Take Some Action is a song that was written to break you out of complacency. Life is filled with ups and downs, and our time on this planet is short. So whatever it is, that new job you’ve been wanting to find, that new relationship you’re looking to start,  that trip you’ve been meaning to take. Do it! Take Some Action and make a change. With Election Day here, there’s no better time to take action.

See Iridesense live on Fri. Dec 22nd at Nostalgia in Bethpage, NY

Live your life with passion, take some action!

The brother and sister led quartet Iridesense was formed on Long Island, NY in 1993 with members Rick Eberle (Vocals, Guitar), Tara (Eberle) Drouin (Vocals, Bass), Rob Viccari (Lead Guitar) and Rich Drouin (Drums). Their music can be heard on Nickelodeon in the shows “Zoey 101” and “Drake & Josh”. They’ve also been featured on MTV shows such as “Pimp My Ride”, “Room Raiders”, “NEXT”, in an episode of the show “Boiling Points” and most recently in the internationally acclaimed motion picture “Finding Sandler”.

(Photo: Randy Frieder)

The band’s last EP “Thought Parade” was released in 2015 and includes poignant songs such as “Mind Control Society”. Their “Secret Constellation” EP which came out in 2013, has uplifting pop tunes like “Got it Good”. In June 2008, they presented “A Trip Called Life” on Paradiddle Records which contains the track “History in the Making” that was used in the “Finding Sandler” film. Their previous full length CDs are 1997’s “Cool Dream Tomorrow” on Rock Diva Records, that produced the fan favorite “Dangerous”, and 2001’s “Iridesense” on LLJ Records where the clever compositions “Obvious” and “Love or Hate” made their way onto several Nickelodeon TV programs. They also struck the same Nick television licensing gold on their 2002 self-released singles “Gasoline” and “Next To You”.

For more information about Iridesense, visit www.iridesense.com

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