Daimy Lotus – So Excited

In her new single, So Excited, Rotterdam-based artist Daimy Lotus sings about the day that never came: meeting her biological father. Growing up without her biological father acknowledging her existence left an emptiness and many unanswered questions from an early age. She always wondered what he would be like in person and, most importantly, why he abandoned her. Discussing such a painful, cut-throat subject is difficult yet crucial.

Writing and recording So Excited served as a cathartic experience for Daimy. She was finally able to express the rollercoaster of emotions she experienced over the years in her quest for answers. While the song details painful themes of abandonment, loss of identity, and rejection, it’s ultimately a story of resilience. Daimy shares how despite it all, she emerged stronger and more determined to forge her own path.

Check out So Excited below!

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