All Eyes On Zarah: Zarah Maillard Releases Galvanic New Single ‘What Have We Become?’

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The multi-talented, mononymous Zarah is needless of introduction – she has lent her creative talents to the literary world with her captivating mystery novel Diamonds are For Cocktails, and now she is back, gracing the pop-rock scene with her new single ‘What Have We Become?’ 

Hailing from the Philippines, this virtuosic singer-songwriter has made quite the name for herself, having opened for the Goo Goo Dolls and hosted the popular television series ‘B InTune TV’. 

After having taken the youth edutainment world by storm, Zarah (AKA Zarah Maillard) shows no signs of slowing down as her electrified new single teases the release of her debut album ‘Blind Woman’. 

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the track that is simply demanding the ears of pop-rock lovers! 

What Have We Become?

Immediately, we are thrust into a super-charged sonic dreamscape, with vivacious drumbeats and an energetic, upbeat guitar riff that flaunts an addictively bright timbre. 

Swashed in a plethora of catchy harmonies, the introduction to the track sports a vivace tempo that will get you on your feet. Coming from a gal who loves everything indie-folk, ‘What Have We Become?’ is the perfect track to fire up your playlist! 

Filled to the brim with immersive verve, the instrumentation permeates a live-show feel that perfectly encapsulates the vivid cheeriness of pop and the dynamic unabashedness of rock seamlessly. 

The cherry on top of this track is undoubtedly Zarah’s vocals. A distinct flavour of rock-studded rasp and a silk-like smoothness blend effortlessly within Zarah’s vocal delivery, adding a perfect layer of zestful, full-bodied richness to the single’s melodies. 

The richness of Zarah’s voice is utilized beautifully within the lyricism of the track; Zarah lends her powerhouse-level vocals to thought-provoking introspection that is sure to hit home. 

Using her candid yet pure voice, Zarah emphasises her eco-conscious mission, provoking her listeners to recognise the damages that we have inflicted upon the world and each other. 

Employing a fusion of rock and pop was genius of Zarah for such a serious topic because not only will this song get stuck in your head, but it will also fire you up with the emotive flair that is prevalent in every line of Zarah’s punchy lyrics. 

Classically ending the track with a fading diminuendo, you, as the listener, are left with the embers of an eruptive explosion, craving more of Zarah’s distinct style. 

Personally, after listening to ‘What Have We Become?’, I am very excited about Zarah’s debut album, and once you listen to this track, you will know exactly what I mean! 


Zarah is an expert at honing her experience as a thought leader and turning said experience into a creative outlet for thought-provoking expression via her enthralling music. 

Zarah’s love of educating the youth led to an involvement with the Grammy Foundation, whereby she continued to encourage children to appreciate and contribute to the music of American culture. 

Educating and entertaining teens while simultaneously working as a recording artist has moulded the sound of Zarah’s music, and every note alludes to an audible passion for healing through music. 

That being said, I am eagerly awaiting what else she has in store for us with the soon-release of ‘Blind Woman’! 
‘What Have We Become?’ is out now, so what are you waiting for? Open your YouTube, your Spotify, or whatever platform you listen to exceptional music on and see for yourself the powerhouse that is Zarah!

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