Americana Trio The Close Releases First Full-Length Album ORBIT


Taking Listeners on An Atmospheric Journey To Find Balance and Love 

Indie-Americana vocal band The Close releases their 10-song album Orbit, with the focus track and music video “Living It Right.” This album is about moving forward with boldness until one finds a sense of harmony or balance in both life and matters of the heart. Composed of Shannon Walker, Lori J. Rowton, and James McKinney, The Close embraces a blend of musical styles, staying true to their roots with influences from contemporary folk, roots, and country, with a pop sensibility,  all skillfully showcased through their vocal capabilities.


The band’s first full-length album encapsulates a powerful message of self-empowerment and reaching a state of fulfillment. The Close says, “It is a call to action to get your life together and boldly go forward until you gain your perfect balance or orbit in life and love. This album is for people who have come to the realization that it’s time to shut your mouth, get yourself together and go do it!” Throughout the project, the range of songs touches on various parts of a journey, from introspective ballads that delve into self-reflection to more energetic songs that convey a sense of determination and forward momentum.

Orbit is a pivotal transition for the trio as they venture into the full production and creativity of personal growth, self-discovery, and authenticity. “We made this album like they used to be made, and we did it 100% ourselves and wanted it to reflect that the product we’ve created is truly the sum of our parts. We spent a lot of time selecting which songs to put together and in which order they should be placed. It’s meant to take you on a journey—a musical roller-coaster. A lot of thought was put into taking songs from different parts and pieces of our lives with the recurring themes of being seen and living boldly. From ‘Coming to Break Your Heart,’ ‘Orbit,’ ‘Living It Right,’ ‘This Life,’ ‘Can’t Control It,’ ‘Superstar’,’ You Can’t See Me’, there is a recurring theme,” says The Close.

Through the band’s journey, they selected “Living It Right” as the album’s focus track. The song focuses on inner reflection and the realization that you may not be fully embracing life’s opportunities. Written by Lori and Kimber Cleveland Frasure, she says, “‘Living It Right’ is about making a decision to live your best life out loud, full-on, right now. It’s about moving forward no matter what has happened in the past or what may be holding you back.”

A vital aspect of The Close is their unique ability to capture the essence of human connection and evoke a personal connection. Each song written is expressive, creating a sense of closeness between the artists and the listeners. “I wrote this song one day when the melody just came to me out of nowhere. I could not get it out of my head. I had the ‘If I’m living, I’m living it right’ hook rolling around over and over in my head. It was as if my entire mind, body, and spirit were trying to send me a message that maybe I wasn’t living to my fullest potential. I happened to have a writing session already set up with my great friend, Kimber Cleveland Frasure, which is very rare for me. I took what I had of the chorus and verses, and we finished it within a few hours. It was begging to be written, and all we had to do was focus, and out it came. It was a message that needed to be set free, so I’m so thankful that I was in tune and present with myself that day because that melody wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it,” adds Lori.

The Close released their first single from Orbit, “Coming to Break Your Heart,” with the music video filmed at the House of Adora in East Nashville. The trio continues to play full band and acoustic shows year-round, with upcoming performances at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL, on October 6; Calmes House Concerts in Baton Rouge, LA, on October 7; and An Evening with The Close—Special Acoustic Trio Show in Shelbyville, TN, on October 28.



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The Close Bio: 

The Close is a collective of introspective lyricists known for their genre-blending melodies and stellar harmonies. Each member is not only a songwriter but also a musician and lead vocalist. Their music first gained attention with the release of their EP Hello Heart in 2019. Since then, they have been compared to ‘a mesmerizing wall of sound coming straight at you’ with their harmonies and captivating live performances.

The Close’s music is a fusion of various genres, including Americana, contemporary folk, roots, and country, all infused with a commercial pop sensibility. This unique blend allows them to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh, appealing to a wide range of listeners.

One of the defining characteristics of The Close is their ability to establish an intimate connection with their audience. Their live performances are not only dynamic but also deeply personal, creating a sense of closeness between the artists and the listeners. This musical connection evokes emotions and creates a profound impact on their audiences.

The Close is set to release their upcoming single “Coming To Break Your Heart” on September 1st. They have also been working on their debut full-length album, tilted Orbit, which is set to be released in the fall of 2023. The highly anticipated album is expected to showcase the growth and evolution of The Close’s sound while staying true to their signature style.

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