Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop with Legacy by Supergroup, Krohme

Krohme is a hip-hop super group composed of Daddy-O from Stetsasonic, Kool Kim from UMCs, Chill Rob G from Flavor Unit, and Aaron “P-Nut” Wills of 311. Their EP “Legacy” was released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip hop, a genre and cultural movement that started in The Bronx, New York in 1973 at a backyard party. Hip hop quickly became a beloved genre of music, and still serves as one of the main inspirational forces behind fashion and cultural shifts.

The first track, “Legacy” is a conscious hip-hip song that covers many different important topics, including school shootings and gun violence. The song features an old school hip-hop drum groove and a captivating, heavy bass line. There is also an alternative version of “Legacy” at the very end of the record. The alt-version features appearances by Speech from Arrested Development, The Impossebulls, Cesar Soto of Ministry, and Chuck D from Public Enemy. Chuck D is executive producer on the alt-version.

This first song blends perfectly into the next track, “Come2getherNow.” This song cleverly combines elements of old and new hip-hop with funk and some elements of jazz. Musically, this song stands out for its unique production and musical elements. We hear a horn section and hand percussion that adds extra flavor to the track. We hear more conscious lyrics that are begging for peace and non-violence. The rap flow is quickly-paced but perfectly in the pocket. There is a reprise of  “Come2getherNow.” This time we hear technical guitar soloing and an old school hip hop rap flow.

The sound gets heavier for “Circle of Lies” which calls out the deceptiveness of politicians who justify war. Distorted guitars, heavy bass, and a complex drum beat bring intense energy to this track, making the listener really ponder the lyrics and thus the motives of politicians who claim they are doing what’s best for us. This song is a protest song at it’s finest. “Watch while my brothers are killed with no justice…” This song condemns violence and war. The lyrics happening quickly in this track, so Rock the Pigeon recommends listening to it a few times in a row to really consider all the lyrics. A reproduction of “Circle of Lies” can be found 2 tracks later on the EP. This time we hear funky guitars and a horn section. The song has a lighter energy to it, while the lyrics remain conscious.

Celebrate conscious hip-hop by listening to Legacy by Krohme now!


Written by Ryan Cassata

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