Crushing Planes Tackles Important Social Topics While Showcasing Immense Musical Talent on Odd Numbers

Houston-based, hard rock-trio, Crushing Planes have recently released their 2nd EP “Odd Numbers.” The EP has five completely new tracks for fans to dive into and discover their sound that blends the genres of grunge, punk, indie rock, and heavy metal. The EP delves into themes such as fear, personal insecurity, the search for meaning, and the perils associated with unrestrained power and authority. Crushing Planes is not afraid to tackle the hard-to-talk-about topics like the struggles that young people face today, the chaos of the internet, school shootings, and mental health. The band wrote the lyrics of these songs with hopes of spreading the message of community and empowerment, their main takeaway being “you’re not alone.” The message is not just one for young people, but for all people struggling with the current political and social climate, the rise in violence, and the abusive nature of authority. Pj Mills sings all 5-songs with immense emotion and rawness.

For Fans Of: Pixies, Bad Religion, Rancid, System of a Down, Green Day, Nirvana, The White Stripes, Against Me!, Crash Test Dummies, and Iron Maiden

“We wanted to write something that would hopefully resonate with people on a personal level and make them think. Navigating in today’s world presents obstacles for young people that we still don’t fully know how to combat. School shootings, mental illness, those in authority constantly failing us, and the cherry on top that is the insanity of the internet. It’s just a wild and rough time to be trying to find yourself in the chaos. I guess if there was one idea we hope would come across through this project it’s that you are not alone.”

– Crushing Planes

“Zero” kicks off the record with distorted guitars and raw vocals that are packed with emotion, and a fearless energy. The live-band sound of the record gives the songs more feeling and meaning, and also gives fans an idea of what the live show will sound like. “Zero” is currently the most streamed record on the EP on Spotify. Lyrically, this song is about gun violence and the politics behind the struggle. When we asked Chasing Planes about which song mattered the most to them, they replied:

“The track that means the most to us is “Zero.” To be blunt, it’s about school shootings and how it feels like a lot of those in positions of power would rather argue than try to help us.” 

“To Follow” is a bit heavier vocally and musically, it leans into the genre of metal more than rock or punk music. This song features a contagious guitar riff that takes center stage. The song transitions tempos and moods, led by the incredible drummer Melanie Mills. The musical talents shine through tremendously, showcasing the bands’ talent and genre versatility to listeners.

“For Despair” is a heavy ballad that falls into the realm of grunge. The verses of the song are laid-back, mostly bass-drive, giving the chorus more room to explode with distorted power chords, tasteful guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies. The song builds into a section of crashing drums and a guitar solo. After the build, we hear a different side of Crushing Planes. The song breaks down into an acoustic section, featuring a quickly strummed acoustic guitar and a softer vocal delivery. This song showcases the dynamics of the band very well.

“Six Degrees” s immediately captivating upon the first line that is sung. The combination of the chord progression with the rhythm and melody of the melody is an instant hook. This song is more upbeat than others on the record, while still delivering conscious lyrics. The rawness and honesty of the lyrics shine through.

The final song on the record is the heaviest and darkest sounding track. “Hillside” full dives into the world of grunge. The vocals are delivered with grit, angst and massive emotion. A low bass line played by James Petty and crunchy guitars keep the track low in register, allowing the vocal and guitar riffs performed by Pj Mills to shimmer above.

Odd Numbers was released on October 31st, 2023. Stream it on Spotify now:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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