Unveiling Magic: Molly O’Leary’s Enchanting “Lion’s Gate”

In the heart of New England, singer-songwriter Molly O’Leary has cast a spell with their latest musical creation, “Lion’s Gate.” This hauntingly beautiful track serves as a teaser for their upcoming LP, offering listeners a glimpse into a world of witchcraft, community, intuition, and spirituality. As a fortunate attendee of several live performances by Molly O’Leary, I can attest to the enchanting nature of their music, and “Lion’s Gate” is no exception. I have the privilege of hearing this song played live acoustically several times before hearing the recorded version. During their live set, Molly momentarily splits from their guitar and picks up a ukulele bass for “Lion’s Gate.”

Having witnessed Molly O’Leary’s live performances, there’s a unique thrill in experiencing the transformation from acoustic renditions to the fully produced version of “Lion’s Gate.” The studio adaptation, produced by Will Hoge, introduces an array of elements, including an eerie piano, mesmerizing vocal harmonies, distorted guitars, and pounding drums. These additions contribute to the song’s atmospheric quality, enveloping the listener in a sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of a typical singer-songwriter track.

“Lion’s Gate” weaves a dark and intricate tapestry, with a low uke bass line acting as the song’s beating heart. This foundational element trembles throughout the recording, serving as a perfect backdrop for Molly O’Leary’s flawless vocals. The song’s thematic elements, exploring the realms of witchcraft, community, intuition, and spirituality, showcase the artist’s ability to songwriter about profound and thought-provoking subject-matter.

Molly O’Leary’s vocal talents shine brilliantly in “Lion’s Gate.” Their vocals soar in a live acoustic setting, and reach additional heights in this fully produced version of the song. As the track unfolds, the vocals take center stage, fully captivating the listener and leaving an indelible impression of the artist’s remarkable talent.

“Lion’s Gate” by Molly O’Leary isn’t merely a song; it stands as a musical and visual masterpiece that goes beyond conventional genres and expectations. The artist’s skill in effortlessly intertwining dark themes with compelling melodies and profound lyrics is a clear showcase of their expertise as a singer-songwriter. As we anticipate the arrival of Molly O’Leary’s upcoming LP “Marigold”, the enchantment woven into “Lion’s Gate” fills us with anticipation for the captivating journey that awaits.


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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