The Horn’s debut album People Like Us blends British indie-rock with timeless pop appeal

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The Horn’s debut album People Like Us is a tour-de-force in British indie-rock, showcasing a band that not only understands its roots but also propels the genre into contemporary relevance. The focus track “Addicted To Love” exemplifies this determined London band’s ability to infuse their music with timeless pop qualities while maintaining a distinct indie-rock edge.

“Addicted To Love” opens with a spirited guitar riff that sets the tone for the entire album—energetic, anthemic, and undeniably catchy. The song’s robust rhythm section, coupled with infectious melodies, creates an immersive sonic experience. The lyrics, both introspective and relatable, explore themes of love and desire with a depth that resonates beyond the confines of traditional indie-rock.

The Horn masterfully blends elements of classic British rock with a modern sensibility, resulting in a sound that feels both familiar and fresh. The track’s soaring choruses and dynamic instrumentation underscore the band’s commitment to delivering memorable hooks and airtight songwriting.

Throughout People Like Us, this outfit proves their prowess not only in crafting individual tracks but in curating a cohesive album experience. Their music possesses a universal appeal that transcends geographical boundaries, making it accessible to audiences worldwide.

In an era where indie-rock can sometimes feel saturated, The Horn stands out by seamlessly blending the nostalgic charm of British rock with contemporary flair. People Like Us positions the band as a formidable force in the indie scene, offering a collection of songs that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on fans of the genre.

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