Viruette’s EP is a Musical Masterpiece that Lyrically Touches on Human Psychodrama

The amazing Boston-based trio, Viruette have recently released their 5-song debut EP ‘Waylaid in Aspic.’ The bands’ frontman Harry Bee describes the record as, ‘five dispatches from the death-drive, narrated from the perspective of bruised, deluded characters who make destructive decisions in pursuit of transient pleasures, and then go about finding ways to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions.’ Waylaid in Aspic is a musical and lyrical adventure that deals with some of the darker topic relating to humanity. The band describes this as “a vignette of human psychodrama.”

“Sick Hominid” kicks off the record. The listener can rock out to a heavy bass line, experimental guitars and vocals, and a synth sound that will absolutely hook them in. The song takes many twists and turns, transitioning smoothly between each section. This song even includes an acoustic breakdown section. This song is about a drug-fueled romance, and highlights the highs and lows, and the absolute chaos, of romantically loving someone while struggling with addiction.

If you aren’t hooked on Viruette’s sound yet, keep listening. “Superanima” is a stellar track that falls in the realm of British rock, and feels inspired by punk and classic rock in delivery, instrumentation choices, and production. The song’s lyrics are about losing a friendship due to addiction. This sound is much different than the first song on the EP, but shines nonetheless. The song features the same levels of transitions as the first song, showcasing the band’s musical talents, but has a much lighter sound.

“Pollyanna (You’re My Billboard)” is lyrically similar to the EP’s starting track, “Sick Hominid.” Musically, the two songs are very different. This song starts off slowly, and pulls from jazz and experimental classic rock (such as The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.) The vocals float perfectly above jazz chord progressions.

We return to a bit heavier of a sound in “She Dreams in Green Screen.” The song falls in a minor key, highlights a heavier bass tone, while the vocals are delivered in a psychedelic fashion. This song is the most interesting melodic sound on the record.

The sound gets heavier for the finale track, “The Water Beckons.” The pace is picked up, the guitars are more distorted, and the vocals lean more punk. This song allows the record to end in a similar place to where it started.

Listeners are sure to stay amused throughout the EP’s many different moody genres, inspirations, and lyrical themes. There is a little something for everyone on Waylaid in Aspic!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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