Ava Della Pietra – talk it out

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Rising pop phenomenon Ava Della Pietra releases her new single, talk it out. It features catchy pop sounds that produce an anthemic atmosphere. The verses build into the chorus amazingly. The vocals embody identity, they’re next level.

Taking inspiration from an unresolved friendship chapter in Ava’s personal life, the song’s lyrics are intimate and touching. This song is her response, a melodic plea for honesty and the bravery to confront issues head-on.

The accompanying music video to talk it out shows Ava beginning as a serene model in an art class, but as she sketches, her patience turns into disillusionment, mirroring the song’s narrative. It has a very creative quality to it.

Ava follows her own path with a lot of determination. talk it out explores a deeper dimension than many other tunes. Check it out below!

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