Becky Krill and Arlen Hart Ginsburg Challenge the Story of Adam and Eve in Their First Collaboration Song

Two Brooklyn singer-songwriters, Becky Krill and Arlen Hart Ginsburg have teamed up for their first ever collaboration, an upbeat indie pop song titled “Laying Under a Tree.” Becky Krill and Arlen Hart Ginsburg, has birthed a captivating duet that reimagines the timeless story of Adam and Eve, steering it away from temptation’s grasp.

This lively song invites listeners on a journey through the garden but with a twist. The songwriters bring new meaning into the Biblical story. In their musical rendition, Adam and Eve defy the age-old narrative, opting not to taste the forbidden fruit. This artistic choice not only challenges the conventional storyline but also offers an important message of agency and choice. It’s impossible not to wear a smile when listening to this song. 

Inspired by the golden era of songwriting legends such as Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and Harold Arlen, Becky Krill and Arlen Hart Ginsburg set out to infuse their song with the nostalgic charm of romantic pop songs while sounding modern. Complete with a jazzy piano and trumpet solo section, this song is sure to take you on a musical adventure. You will also hear the spirit of rock n’ roll roaring on in the track.

“Laying Under a Tree”, a testament to the incredible talent of two songwriters, invites listeners to contemplate not only Adam and Eve’s story but also the infinite possibilities when tradition meets innovation in the realm of music. We hope that this won’t be the last collaboration between these two great singer-songwriters. Listen to the song on Spotify now:

More about Becky Krill:

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Becky Krill has two upcoming concerts:

November 18th – The Leisure Revolution at the Harlem River Yacht Club – NYC, 12 pm doors, 5 pm performance time
November 19th – Brooklyn house show with Shawna Caspi, more details here., 7 pm doors

Written by Ryan Cassata

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