Noc Beteck Steps Up On ‘NOC (No Other Champion)’

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Discover Noc Beteck’s heartfelt never-give-up rap track.

Noc Beteck – ‘NOC (No Other Champion)’

‘Don’t let your past determine your future…’ speaks Noc Beteck in the intro to ‘NOC (No Other Champion)’. It’s a line that sets up the motivational tone of the track, as well as the personal associations for Beteck himself – in his own words, he’s come through hardship but is now trying to ‘redefine the rapper image’, having had a life awakening and finally releasing his music. 

Noc Beteck is an independent rap artist based in Maryland, with roots in Cameroon. Having made music since high school, it’s only been recently that he’s begun to share it with the world.

‘NOC (No Other Champion)’ is an anthem for resilience, with a can’t-grind-me-down attitude and a catchy hook.

Beteck’s lyrics become confessional at times, admitting he was ‘a lil youngin with some problems, man I just needed help’, as well as reflecting on hardships, the ‘concrete jungle, these vultures will jump you’. Most of the track tells the classic grind story, having faced ‘the double-crossing’ but surviving, but it gets away with cliche thanks to Beteck’s obvious sincerity. His flow is pleasing, and the chorus with its titular hook is instantly memorable – ‘I done took so many losses, and still, there’s no other champion; 

The production utilises some great moody guitar lines, and sharp beats with influences from hip hop, rap, as well as drill and trap. There’s some subby bass and some high countermelodies that could be brought to the front more. However, for rap and hip-hop fans, this is a great positive track that can go on your motivational playlists, and might even accompany a good workout. 

Moody guitar lines
Don’t let your past determine your future
Sharp beats with hip-hop and drill/trap influences
Confident flow
Positive vibes
Hooky title and chorus

There is lots to admire from Noc Beteck

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