Playing With Fireworks Release Debut EP, a Soundcape of 80s Sounds with a Modern Flair

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Luke Underhill has launched his new music project under the name Playing With Fireworks. The EP “Runaway” is a new direction for his songwriting and for his sound. The artist let us know: “It’s a refreshing contrast for me compared to my previous Singer/Songwriter releases. I wanted to take my music in a different direction and have more creative control. So now with a new name, new sound and new vibe, I’m ready to sing.”

Playing With Fireworks’ new EP is a must-hear. It’s a genre-bending musical work that pulls inspiration from the synth heavy sounds of the 1980s while fusing in experimental and modern sounds. Listeners will immediately be pulled into the sound from the first track, “Saturday’s Masquerade.” The instrumentation, vocals, and drum grove are performed and produced in a way that sounds completely timeless. It’s hard to even pin down an exact era of when the recording is from. If we didn’t know that it was brand new, we could have been tricked into thinking it was from the 1980s. There is a nostalgic feel to the sound that is heart-warming and comforting. That sound is heard and felt on every track, which a true testament to Playing With Fireworks artistry and talents.

The next track “Hurts & Burns Like All Hell” features an epic soundscape of soaring distorted guitars and synths. This synth-heavy rock ballad will take over your speakers and win over your heart into fandom. The slowly paced vocals add to the epic nature of the track. The song builds up with a more intricate drum beat and faster sung vocals by the mid-section of the song. The song features a section of tom-tom drums with a synth line that will completely take over the listener’s ears. The soloing sounds like a movie-soundtrack that keeps the listener on their toes. Incredible amounts of emotion were clearly poured into this track.

This brings us to “Runaway.” This song features a slow-build, lots of reverb on the vocals and drums, and strong piano chords that serve as the backbone of the song. The song features experimental drum beats and vocal effects that add a more modern twist to the sound. The synth and guitar riffs are just as catchy as the vocal lines. This song’s chorus will definitely be stuck in your head.

“Playing With Fireworks I” is the grand finale, and it is definitely grand. It’s a short track at only 1 minute and 46 seconds. The recording starts with a radio broadcast under synth chords. The radio sound adds another layer of nostalgia. Vocals come in to add another layer of warmth to the song. The production is incredible throughout.

“This EP was conceived and written on long train rides in and out of the city. Watching the world fly by, waving at strangers when they board, it was a lot of time to think and write. I hope the music reflects that.”

~ Luke Underhill, Playing With Fireworks 

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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