Ms.D: The Love-Child of Indie, Jazz and Neo-Soul Releases New Track ‘You Annoy Me’!

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The insanely talented Ms.D, otherwise known as Renee Desreaux, is a genre-defying genius whose virtuosic prowess is influenced by the best of jazz, indie-rock, and neo-soul. Effortlessly blending a medley of soothing tonalities and enthralling melodies, Ms.D is back to round off the year with a bang – namely, ‘You Annoy Me’. 

2021 saw Ms.D hone her euphonious expertise across a duad of sensational singles (‘Soaked and Bound’ and ‘Howls’), which then led to a stellar EP called ‘Flowers’ – this EP solidified Ms.D as one of the most captivating artists of the year! 

Now, in 2023, the Australian singer-songwriter has employed the talents of Max Vallentine from Thunderfox, Ilan Aarons from Motherfunk, and Zac Hughes from Lazuli Mood. 

It’s safe to say that we are in for a wild ride! So, with that being said, let’s take a deep dive into ‘You Annoy Me’! 

‘You Annoy Me’ 

The track opens with bright, cheery timbres, interlaced with a vivacious tempo, from the animated bass riffs of Zac Hughes. Hughes, having sewn an already innovative melodic fabric, Max Vallentine lends his warm, punchy drumbeats to the sugar-sweet harmonies. 

The intro imbues the overall rhythm with a springtide vividness, easily transporting the listener to a sun-splashed dreamscape within every dulcet note. 

It’s not too long before Ms.D’s vocals enter the luscious soundscape that the instrumentation has created, and upon hearing her voice, I immediately added ‘You Annoy Me’ to my playlist. 

Astonishingly, her voice permeates a honeyed purity while simultaneously radiating a full-bodied vigour that will carry you through a kaleidoscopic meandering of love, frustration and passion. 

Full to the brim with fire and feel-good flourish, Ilan Aarons’s buoyant guitar progressions bolster Ms.D’s merry vocal delivery beautifully, adding a perfect dash of joyous vim to the dynamics of the track. 

It is no surprise that the texture of ‘You Annoy Me’ is so polished, having been recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Natoli at the esteemed Asharp Recording Studio. Having garnered a sense of Ms.D’s vast capabilities through working together on her 2020 single ‘Puppy’, Natoli knew exactly what to do to take Ms.D’s aestival groove to the next level!

Above all, the most resonant facet of Ms.D’s latest track is her lyricism, which encapsulates the turbulence of an intense, complicated relationship: 

“All the things you say that you’ll do, and every time I said I love you too, It’s always an argument, so I’ll just have to forfeit // but that’s the hardest part you’re strangling my heart”

I chose to focus on these lyrics in particular because they reveal a gorgeous vulnerability that contrasts the mirthful melodies, mirroring the positive aspects of stepping away from a painful relationship. 

Dancing through to the conclusive instrumental, the track ends with a sudden cadence that leaves the listener breathless and full of raw energy!


Ms.D kickstarted her musical career as the lead vocalist of the indie-rock band Delphine Geoff and has since begun a solo career, writing alternative lo-fi jazz masterpieces that evoke impactful swashes of emotion amidst every melody. 

Flaunting vinyl hisses and eclectic ingenuity within her intricate vocals, Ms.D excels at constructing compelling narratives with her music and finds it to be a comforting manner of self-expression. 

Inspired by Radiohead, Jalaa and Lucy Rose, Ms.D celebrates a serene, sonic swell of vocal-driven harmonies that you can’t help but listen to on repeat! 

Not just a master of her songcraft, Ms.D is a brilliant live performer, having played across a plentitude of venues across New South Wales. Oh, how I wish I were in the audience at the Vanguard or Lazy Bone Lounge…

‘You Annoy Me’ is out now across all major platforms!

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