Chappell Roan Put on an Unforgettable Show at Emo’s Austin

Known as “The Queer Pop Moment,” Chappell Roan put on a show-stopping performance at Emo’s Austin on November 1! In place of having a singer, she had a drag show as her supporting act!

Photo credit: Stephanie Loftus

To start off the night, Amber Nicole Davenport strutted the stage in leopard print and left fans blown away for the rest of the drag show! She owned the stage, leaving fans mesmerized by the way she moved her hair and danced the night away. 


Photo credits: Stephanie Loftus

Eileen Dover was the second drag queen to take the stage, and she absolutely killed it! They wore an 80s-inspired ensemble with a bright purple puffer jacket and a holographic body suit that was visible even from behind the crowd! She hyped up the audience with “Vroom Vroom” by Charlie XCX.


Photo credits: Stephanie Loftus

To finalize the drag show for the evening, Moxie put on a jaw-dropping finale, even taking off their dress to show off some skin! She truly left fans stunned when she pulled down their lingerie, and her tassels were twirling.


Photo credits: Stephanie Loftus

When it was time for Chappell Roan to perform, the stage started cascading flashes of pink lights, and the venue was filled with echoes of fans chanting “Chappell” repeatedly. She got fans revved up for the night, starting off with her song, “Femininomenon.” A majority of the setlist included songs from her debut album, “The Rise and Rall of a Midwest Princess.” Accompanying her were Lucy Ritter on the drums, Aubrey Harris on the bass guitar, and Eliza Pet on the guitar. 

Roan has dedicated the last four years to making her album, and even though it was only released on September 22, 2023, there was not a moment of silence throughout the entire performance. Everyone was belting out hits including “Coffee,” “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl,” and “My Kink is Karma.” She also surprised everyone when she told them to “put their paws up” and did her own twist on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

Photo credits: Stephanie Loftus

In between songs, she made a point to talk to fans about emphasizing to tip the opening drag queens, highlighting that is how they, and many other drag performers, make their living. She also took the time to make sure her audience felt safe and comfortable for who they are, as the majority of her fanbase is part of the LGBTQ+ community. She truly is groundbreaking, not only in her lyricism and as a performer, but also for the queer community. Before singing again, she mentioned that upon switching venues, she was able to sell an extra 700 tickets and was able to donate even more proceeds from her ticket sales to For The Gworls, a Black-trans-owned charity, that fundraises money to help Black-transgender people with paying for rent, medical costs, and gender-affirming care. 



Photo credits: Stephanie Loftus

Before closing the night, she left fans with an encore of “California” and the song that dramatically changed her career, “Pink Pony Club.” It was an enjoyable night, from learning the dance to “HOT TO GO!” to having everyone sing at the top of their lungs. Roan has grown so much as an artist this past year, and it’s so exciting to see where she’ll go after The Midwest Princess Tour. 


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