Stephen Lind Gets Ready In ‘3, 2, 1’

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Discover Stephen Lind’s irresistibly fun Eurodance track.

Stephen Lind – ‘3, 2, 1’

Sometimes love is a slow, tantalising burn. And sometimes it’s as quick as – well, 3, 2, 1. We’re in the land of instant attraction here with Stephen Lind, where love sparks, dies and relights again all at hyperspeed, set to a racing club tempo. So strap in for ‘3, 2, 1’! 

Stephen Lind is a pop artist from Tuscon, Arizona, who now makes his home in LA. While having a long career in the entertainment industry, it is only in recent years that he has focused on his own original music.

“3, 2, 1 is a pounding dance track with a sexy edge, and heavy influences of both eurodance and hyperpop.”

‘You want it like this and that’, sings Lind with no need for innuendo, his barefaced lyrics showing his willingness to submit to a charismatic lover – ‘Everything is yours, I’ll put it in your name’. But there are hints of danger on both sides with lines like ‘we’ll try and break the cycle, this is what you get for falling for a psycho’. The attraction is dark and instant – ‘3, 2, 1 and I want ya’ – but the sting is taken out of the lyrics by the childlike, infectious melodies and Lind’s nonchalant delivery, the heavy tuning being reminiscent of artists like SOPHIE. 

The delivery combines pounding beats, pulsing synths and racing arpeggios to create an in-your-face track, reminiscent of acts like Cascada though with modern hyperpop influence as well. At just over 2 minutes long, it’s deliciously short and intense, and ripe for replays and sweaty dances. A hugely fun track from Stephen Lind.

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