Isaac Butler’s New Track Has a ‘Heart of Gold’

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Smouldering in emotional depth, this new pop ballad from Isaac Butler shows off his immense talent for layering heart-wrenching lyricism over catchy instrumentation.

Introducing Issac Butler

A rising star in the music scene, Butler has already cemented a loyal fanbase from incredible live performances and honest self-reflective poetry. After selling out a headline show in one of Dublin’s most popular venues, Whelan’s back in April Butler has continued to amass more and more fans with every heartfelt performance and stunning new single.

Issac Butler – Heart of Gold

An uplifting anthem that dives into difficult topics like insecurity and the search for love, there’s an atmosphere of hope enveloping every riff and vocal run on ‘Heart of Gold’. Already housing a full and eclectic discography, Butler has enriched that catalogue all the more. The soft, vulnerable lyricism contrasts Butler’s emotive and powerful vocals perfectly; likewise, the pop refrains and clever use of instrumentation is striking and colourful.

There’s an honesty to this track that makes Butler’s unique sound all the more endearing. Poignant storytelling and tangible rawness transcend the brilliant melodies to arrive at a truly memorable experience. As the song progresses, the instrumentation builds to really set the emotional depth in stone. Butler paints a vivid picture of melancholy through his vocal tenderness but never lets sentimentality trump his musical wit.

Introspective and intimate, the production quality is top-notch in crafting a suitable atmosphere for Butler’s warmth. A testament to his craftsmanship, ‘Heart of Gold’ sounds as good as it is performed, never losing itself to bloated sections or lazy production values. An amazing addition to an already impressive discography, ‘Heart of Gold’ stands out as one of Butler’s most exciting new additions. The cathartic chorus and blooming verses articulate the profound and impossible-to-pin-down struggle of finding love in the modern world. Sure to leave an imprint, this track is a must for anyone searching for an authentic, heartfelt new ballad, rich in poetic beauty.

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