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Independent artists save 10% on vinyl record production with Right Chord Music and Diggers Factory.

As an independent artist navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, the quest for recognition and sustainability is a thrilling yet daunting journey. In today’s digital age, carving out a distinct presence demands creativity and innovation. However, amidst the sea of digital releases, vinyl not only cultivates a devoted fanbase but also enriches your revenue stream while offering something tangible: the realm of physical music formats.

The Tangible Essence of Music

In a world where music often exists as digital files streamed or downloaded, the allure of physical formats like vinyl records offers a palpable and intimate connection between artists and their audience. Holding a vinyl record, admiring its artwork, and experiencing the analogue sound on a turntable crafts an intimate and tactile bond that transcends the digital realm, fostering a profound relationship between the artist’s creation and the listener’s experience.

The Challenge for Independent Artists

For independent musicians, the prospect of pressing vinyl records has historically been both financially daunting and logistically complex. The expenses associated with production, coupled with uncertainties about demand and distribution, have deterred many talented artists from exploring this enriching avenue for their music.

Introducing Diggers Factory

Enter Diggers Factory, an innovative platform dedicated to empowering independent musicians to bring their music into physical formats effortlessly. This groundbreaking solution opens doors for artists who previously deemed vinyl production unattainable.

Revolutionising Vinyl Production:

Diggers Factory facilitates a paradigm shift by adopting a crowdfunding model, enabling artists to gauge demand before embarking on production. With pre-order goals as low as 100 copies, artists can fund their vinyl projects without upfront costs, mitigating financial risks associated with traditional production methods.

Comprehensive Support:

Beyond crowdfunding, Diggers Factory extends comprehensive support throughout the entire production and distribution journey. From access to production facilities, logistics, and distribution networks to services encompassing mastering, graphic design, and more, artists receive invaluable assistance at every step.

Crafting Exclusive Collectibles:

Diggers Factory specializes not only in standard vinyl production but also in crafting exclusive limited-edition releases. These unique editions boast distinctive designs and carefully curated tracks, offering fans and collectors an added allure and exclusivity.

Expanding Revenue Horizons

Beyond fostering emotional connections, vinyl records represent a substantial revenue stream for independent artists. With the resurgence in vinyl sales and fans’ willingness to invest in physical copies of cherished music, partnering with Diggers Factory empowers artists to tap into this market, diversifying their income streams and reinvesting in their musical endeavours.

Save 10% On Vinyl Record Production With Diggers Factory & RCM

For independent artists aspiring to grant their music a tangible presence and offer their supporters something extraordinary, Diggers Factory stands as the gateway to endless possibilities. Use the code RCM10 for a 10% discount on your Diggers Factory vinyl production costs, making this transformative step even more accessible.


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