Owners Club Offer A Track By Track Of Their New Self Titled Debut EP

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Rising indie-rockers Owners Club have been making a reputation for themselves following the release of their debut, self-titled EP via Brighton’s Goo Records. Showcasing witty lyricism, a charismatic swagger and some brilliantly crafted guitar led backdrops across the 3 track release, the band have all the hallmarks of a potential breakout band.

From the fun lightness of Double Diamond to the biting political analysis of Village Green, the EP covers a lot of themes which we wanted to delve into further. So we spoke to the band about the EP who offered an insightful track by track. Over the Owners Club:

Double Diamond

Double Diamond, the first track on our E.P is an ode to a beer which no longer exists, an anti-advertisement inspired by an ashtray bought by Mike from his local car boot sale. The song is a musing on the life the ashtray has led, the pub it came from and the messy nights and bar fights it may or may not have witnessed. With tight guitars, sprawling synths and tough-in-cheek lyrics throughout, we felt that  this unabashed exploration into British pub culture would be the perfect opening to our debut E.P. 

As the slogan used to dictate, ‘You know where you are with Double Diamond, it works wonders!’

Evil Twin

The following track, Evil Twin was inspired by some of the bands coming out of the Australian Lo-Fi Punk scene at the moment; bands like Gee Tee, Satanic Togas and Tee Vee Repairman to name but a few.

Thematically it has nothing to do with the two other tracks except that maybe Double Diamond and the closing track, Village Green are evil twin’s to one another. Both explore themes of Britishness and the English psyche whereas Evil Twin is just an unabashed punk-rock blitzkrieg all based around the idea – what if I had an evil twin…

Village Green

The Closer, Village Green offers detached look into life in rural England, it’s an exploration into the juxtaposition of idyllic countryside cottages, pubs and Village Greens – picturesque places which are viewed as being peaceful often being inhabited by people with bigoted views and right wing ideologies. 

Musically and texturally I feel this track is our most accomplished of the E.P, acoustic guitars, distant whistles and twee glockenspiel lines build to a crescendo and make way for blistering drums and a screeching guitar solo. The track shudders too and end through a wall of delay trails and feedback, a chaotic end to an unashamedly chaotic E.P!

If you haven’t already then go and buy it on vinyl. We’re really proud of it and being able to hold it in your hands as opposed to it just being a digital release seen through a computer screen is how we want you to experience it!

Listen below:

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