How Kerin Carr’s Latest Songs ‘Rosie (I Really Oughta Go)’ and ‘The Queen of Siam’ Champion Transgender Visibility and Emotionally Resonate


Kerin Carr, an incredible singer-songwriter based in South Australia, has just released two new, must-hear songs. “Rosie (I Really Oughta Go)” and “The Queen of Siam” both came out on November 24th. Besides being great musical listens, both songs carry much-needed visibility to the transgender movement with their honest lyrics and insight.

Kerin Carr’s music is immediately captivating – musically, vocally, and lyrically. The song bends genres, including the blues, folk, reggae, and classic rock. “Rosie (I Really Oughta Go)” has a super catchy melody with storytelling lyrics. The song is lifted to another level with the instrumentation choices, such as the bluesy organ, guitar stabs, and tasteful leads. The song builds from a jam into a build-up where the organ soars while the drums pound. Emotion and gratitude are poured into the vocal delivery.

“The inspiration for Rosie was to recognise that even in the toughest times of transitioning there are wonderful, caring golden people who truly want to help and provide tangible support. Rosie is an anglicisation of the name of the pharmacist who has been dispensing my HRT meds for four years.” – Kerin Carr

In “The Queen of Siam,” Kerin Carr shares the story of losing one of her friends and prominent inspirational figures supporting her transition. The song is a slowly-paced rock ballad that is delivered with much tenderness and emotion. The vocals are delivered in a folk-rock fashion, with every lyric carrying weight and meaning. The song is filled with guitar riffs and expressive vocal melodies. The lyrics dive deep, expressing waves of grief. The vocal performance brings that grief into the light.

Kerin Carr reflects on her friend’s passing and the impact the grief has had on her life:

’The Queen Of Siam’ is specifically about a young trans lady I know who passed away in late August this year from an asthma attack. I came to know her via WhatsApp for several months prior to my trip to Bangkok, and met her often over a 4 week period when I was there for gender surgery. She worked for the hospital as their patient liaison rep. She had been a trans stand up comic in the UK, including success at the 2019 Edinburgh fringe. She suffered awful online vilification in the UK. She was a caring, beautiful soul who was very important to me at a critical time in my transition. She found comfort in Buddhism and in her lifestyle in Thailand. I miss her.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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