Discover To Kill A King’s raw brilliance in live EP, ‘Unplugged In Berlin’

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To Kill A King’s recently released live EP, ‘Unplugged in Berlin’, unveils an intimate, stripped-back dimension to the British band’s repertoire, capturing a live performance during the 2018 Bastille Reorchestrated tour. Recorded in Berlin’s evocative concert hall, the six-track EP radiates raw emotion and showcases the band’s diverse sonic palette.

Opening with ‘The Problem of Evil,’ the brooding acoustic tones set the mood for a captivating journey. ‘No More Love Songs’ and ‘Bloody Shirt’ maintain an immersive storytelling experience, each track revealing a unique sonic atmosphere. ‘Choices,’ featuring Dan Smith and Charlie Barnes, culminates in a climactic odyssey, demonstrating To Kill A King’s exceptional live prowess. As the band prepares for a UK tour, including a stop in their hometown Leeds, this EP not only serves as a testament to their live magic but also teases the forthcoming anniversary celebration of ‘Cannibals With Cutlery,’ promising a nostalgic yet refreshing musical experience. With the EP’s release, To Kill A King invites listeners into an intimate Berlin performance, showcasing their ability to deliver emotive narratives and intricate arrangements with unparalleled authenticity.

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