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Howard Gripp, a veteran musician, announced the release of his debut Christian single titled “When I Pray”. Howard embarks on a new musical journey and fuses the rock traditions of the past with his newly acquired Christian faith.

Known for his rock scene and the dynamism associated with it, Howard’s musical narrative drastically changes upon his involvement in the Worship Team at Crossview Church. “It was a call I could not refuse,” shares Howard. The first step in this journey that has led him here was joining the worship team, which kick started the path to writing and eventually recording his 2 songs.

“When I Pray” is a testimony of struggle, faith, and hope. It speaks about a parent’s struggles with a child’s addiction. It also reflects Howard’s encounter with difficulty, which brought him back to his faith. This song portrays a straightforward confidence in God’s directives regardless of the unexpected paths in life.

Together with a second Christian song recorded in Nashville, this release is Howards attempt to present his music as a part of his music ministry. As Howard says, “My music has always been a part of me, and now it is also a means of connection, healing, and motivation”. I hope people find comfort, strength, and commonality in my songs.

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“When I Pray” is accompanied by a compelling lyric video on YouTube at

The dual release gives a hint of Howard’s new musical direction that sees his rock background marry with his love of Christian music.

Howard reflects on his past and admits that his family and religion led to the change he experienced. His divorced marriage and a period of estrangement from the church were followed by solace, purpose in his life, and faith. Howard’s current wife was a significant influence in these new developments. He explains that “my wife helped me return to church and ultimately restore my faith”. It proved to be an arduous journey of healing, self-discovery culminating in artistic rebirth.

His musical development reflects his personal growth and clearly portrays his creativity and depth as a musician. “When I Pray” reflects a turning point in Howard’s life, signifying his resolve to continue using music as a beacon of light and faith for many.

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