EG Kight is the Blues Legend You Should Be Listening To

EG Kight has the voice of the Blues and that is proven throughout her discography. She originally started as a country artist but switched over to the Blues genre after hearing Koko Taylor. Many people stereotype the blues to be a sad genre, but EG Kight not only disagrees with that sentiment but proves it in her songwriting and performance.

So many people seem to think that the “Blues” is a sad, depressing music,  but it’s quite the opposite.  My co-writer, Tom Horner, and I decided to write about how good the “Blues” makes you feel.

– EG Kight

“Let the Blues Move You” featuring Lee Roy Parnell and Chris Hicks, is an upbeat blues jam, with incredible lead guitar riffs, and fun vocals. The song packs quite a bunch. Many different instruments are featured, soloing, between vocal takes, including an incredible harmonica solo. The lyrics of the song inspire letting the music take over your being, bringing it to a higher plane, and a happier state of mind. “Let the blues move you, to a better attitude.” Listen to it here:

EH Kight shares more on this wonderful collaboration experience: “I had just jammed with Lee Roy Parnell at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and I told my co-producer, Paul Hornsby, that it would be great to see if Lee Roy would play on a song, so Paul contacted him, and he was glad to do it!  While we were in the studio one day working on the song, Chris Hicks, who plays and sings with Marshall Tucker, came in to say hello and listen to what we were doing.  I thought that it would be cool to have him sing it with me, and he was glad to do it!  This song has some very talented artists on it.”

The music continues to heal not just the listeners but also the songwriters. EG Kight has another song that brings on some healing through music and lyrics. “Let the Healing Begin” is another incredible song from EG Kight, that deserves high praises. This song starts off with a classic blues piano performance. It’s immediately captivating. The song has a laid-back feel to it. The vocals sing in the most soulful style, pulling the listener deeper and deeper into fandom. The piano riffs between all the vocal lines, bringing an incredible amount of talent to the track. This song proves another side to the vocal and songwriting abilities of EG Kight.

I write a lot of songs about relationships and usually they don’t end too well!  But, with this story, after the couple has drifted apart, they find their way back to each other. I remember after writing the lyrics to “Let The Healing Begin” with my co-writer Tom Horner, we just couldn’t seem to come up with the right music.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  One night my band and I went in the studio to record a song we had rehearsed, and while everyone was setting up, I sat down on the piano stool with my keyboard player and told him what a struggle I was having putting the right music with those lyrics.  He started playing a blues riff, and I started singing, and the music was born!  When the studio was ready for us to record the other song, I said hold on a minute, we have to record another one right now before I forget it.  We recorded it on the first take and I didn’t even have to sing it again.  The song had found it’s mojo! – EG Kight

Enjoy it now:

EG Kight brings on a more traditional bluesy folk sound on “I’m Happy With The One I Got Now.” This showcases her diverse range of blues performance abilities. This song features an acoustic slide guitar, performed in a retro style. The song feels like the beginning of the blues. It’s classic and timeless. The vocal flows smoothly on top, and the guitar style compliments the vocal wonderfully.

The final song that we would like to feature is EG Kight. This one really brings the message home. EG Kight has the voice of the blues and is keeping blues music alive. “Southern Comfort” features tasteful electric guitars, played with incredible amounts of passion. This slowly paced-ballad, is another healing song. The lyrics talk about a relationship that has ended and brought on misery. EG Kight sings “If your reaching for the bottle your better reach for me, My love is 100 proof. I am southern comfort, and I am all that you need.” The song is made complete with captivating vocal hooks, great lyrics, tasteful guitar riffs, and classic blues piano riffs. Impressive performance through and through! Listen now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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