The Ruins Show Us Their ‘Gold’ [Cover]

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Discover The Ruins’ hugely energetic take on a classic

The Ruins – ‘Gold’

If you’re not up on your classic rock history, the name John Stewart may not mean a lot to you. However, his contributions to rock and folk have been notable, both as a songwriter for others and under his own name.  ‘Gold’ was one of his own hits, and here The Ruins give their own special take on it. 

The Ruins are an eclectic California-based rock project, rooted in 70s styles but combining multiple influences. With a line-up of seasoned musicians, they’ve been gradually releasing over the past year.

‘Gold’ is a high-energy rock take on a classic song that hedonistically celebrates music and money.

This cover transforms the more mellow, steady original into rock’n’roll fireworks. ‘When the lights go down in the California town, people are in for the evening’, narrate the lyrics, setting the scene of a town full of dreamers and music-lovers and party people, even if they ‘make two fifty for an hour’. Todd McTavish’s strong, raw lead vocals deliver the song with power, delivering the classic rock melodies full-throttle and hammering the singalong refrain, ‘there’s people out here turning music into gold’. 

The production shows off what is clearly a tight musical outfit, echoing classic bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. The driving guitars include plenty of furious licks and solos, the bass chugs along, the harmonies are solid, the drums are hard-hitting and there’s even an infectious little tambourine. This track shows off the skills of The Ruins, who would no doubt be massively enjoyable to watch live. 

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