Haddie Bell – Silent Motions (Album)

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Canadian singer-songwriter Haddie Bell shares her debut album, titled Silent Motions. It’s more than good, it’s extraordinary. The cohesiveness of the songs will blow your mind.

Won’t Let the Dust Settle kicks off the project in style. It’s got cool alt-pop production that instantly makes you feel at home. The second tune, Tennessee By Now, has a more acoustic tone. On some level, it even resembles country music. May Flowers delivers a slick sound that recalls both the 1970s and 2000s. She & Her Cat comes across as mysterious due to the vocal mixing. We really like it.

Easy Girl features wonderful piano melodies that dance around enchantingly. There are also some atmospheric elements scattered throughout. The title-track is like a hybrid between Lana Del Ray and Daft Punk. Heavenly, arguably the most emotional song here, moves the soul. Good For Heart sounds a bit moody, but it also has an uplifting quality. Parachute homes catchy melodies and quirky singing. Good People Cry convincingly closes the album.

Lyrically, Silent motions tells the stories of Haddie’s past twenty-two years. She talks about her deepest insecurities, identity, falling into and out of love, and learning to live without family.

Check out Silent Motions below!

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