Frankie Jobling – Peace of Mind

R’n’B singer and songwriter Frankie Jobling hails from Newcastle, England. She shares her new single, Peace of Mind. It contains instruments such as drums and guitar, which give the sound its sparkle. The vocals are smooth, with an ideal amount of texture.

Peace of Mind kind of slipped out of Frankie’s head one day as she walked to work. From feelings of stress and exhaustion, it pays homage to the little things in life that keep you going. In a fast-paced, career-driven society, the lyrics suggest letting go of your phone and looking forward to the little moments that bring joy like running into the North Sea or catching a sunny morning that feels as if it’s just for you.

Frankie inspires here by emphasizing that you should also be doing things outside of work. And she’s absolutely right. Check out Peace of Mind below!

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