KYLO – Retrospect (EP)

KYLO has been a steady performer for years. We’re certainly fans, and we’re pleased to tell her much-anticipated EP, Retrospect, is now available. She sounds more creative than ever. So many details were put into each track, it’s almost unbelievable. In other words, friends, get ready for something great.

Retrospect begins with Attention. Its electronic production sounds dazzling. KYLO’s vocals glide smoothly on top of moody melodies. Closer is both nostalgia-infused and modern. The music has dreamy vibes throughout. Sunsets, which features Shadrack Jackman, works perfectly as a duet. The way they sing together remains breathtaking. Rerun might be the most experimental track from this album, but it’s nonetheless catchy. The title track closes things fabulously.

There are strong lyrics on Retrospect. KYLO shares her journey of reaching the age of 30 and feeling stuck. She immerses herself in reflection, contemplating her past achievements, the relationships she has nurtured, and the life experiences that have molded her present existence. Through this process, she discovers that she has accomplished much more than she initially thought. Retrospect depicts KYLO’s belief that all the ups, downs, and even challenging times were all worth it in the end.

KYLO excels once more, that’s for sure. Even though there are only five tracks, they offer something fresh every time you listen. And can you imagine what it would be like to hear them live? Well, we have some good news for you. KYLO is performing at The Drake Underground in Toronto on December 13th. Buy your tickets here, and while you’re doing that, check out Retrospect. It’ll make your day better.

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