Nebula Nine Unleash The ‘Meta Girl’

Discover Nebula Nine’s intricate prog-rock debut Meta Girl.

Nebula Nine – Meta Girl

Plenty of songs have been written about the dream girl. But perhaps in this day and age, the perfect dream girl has become less corporeal and more virtual – a ‘meta girl in a virtual world’, as Nebula Nine put it here. It’s this and the loneliness of modern life that they touch on in their debut single, ‘Meta Girl’. 

Nebula Nine are a three-piece from Sweden describing their sound as ‘cinematic rock’. Despite this being their first release, they already tout their live shows as being something to behold.

‘Meta Girl’ is a large-scale prog rock anthem, full of angst, betrayal, and no inhibitions.

The heightened lyrics are full of longing and loneliness, referencing ‘years, I’ve spent alone now, I’ve been my own mistress in my life’, and a desperation for ‘a touch from the girl’. But betrayal strikes as they realise ‘how my dreams were useless’. There’s no easy-to-follow narrative, nor singalong hooks, but the grand scale of the track creates a dystopian epicness that’s compelling. The melodies are well-placed, and delivered with distinct, commanding lead vocals. 

The production features thrilling guitars, crashing drums, thrumming bass and sharp strings. There’s a sense of theatricality here, bringing to mind acts like Queen and Panic at the Disco, but we’re firmly in the land of prog rock, with unpredictable rhythms and feel changes. It all builds to a big climax, but at over 8 minutes long, this might be a track that alienates the less hardcore listeners. Still, it’s got a distinct identity and is perfect for a good angsty release. 

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