Okkaido Releases Powerful, Personal New Single ‘Say It Like You Mean It’

Adin Taylor, AKA Okkaido, was born with a virtuosic spark that was ignited at a young age. 

Hailing from the suburbs of Sydney, Okkaido has musical prowess in his blood, having been influenced by the 90s grunge-rock soundscape that his father demonstrated in his band. 

His early introduction to songcraft and showmanship honed a natural talent for creating immersive lyrical narratives that don’t conform to mainstream melodies. 

From his unorthodox youth, Okkaido went on to release enthralling singles like ‘Amanda Who?’ and ‘Red Whine’ in 2019. With those singles having amassed over 450,000 streams on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say that Okkaido knows how to create addictive tunes!

With that being said, let’s dive into Okkaido’s new single ‘Say It Like You Mean It’! 

‘Say It Like You Mean It’ 

‘Say It Like You Mean It’ starts with a peculiarly playful melody, and although the introductory instrumentals are brief, you are immediately immersed in an eclectic soundscape that tantalises the senses. 

Wasting no time in establishing an impactful composition, the instrumental harmonies display a plentitude of complex intricacies. From a smoothly percussive beat to dynamic, luminescent timbres, the intro effuses an inescapable sense of intrigue. 

Okkaido’s distinct vocals emerge through the instrumental, exuding a gorgeous dichotomy of suave vim and a serpentine genius for polished pitch changes. 

Exhibiting a vivace tempo, Okkaido knows precisely the right moment to demonstrate his rap-inspired lyrical tongue-twisters. Okkaido’s vocal deliveries – throughout the track – portray a keen artist’s clinquant enthusiasm that is delightful to the ears. 

Okkaido’s unique lustre perfectly mirrors the joy, excitement, and heart-racing anticipation of finding the right person to give your unwavering love to. 

Through the vibrant union of Okkaido’s iridescent vocals and the track’s brilliantly fluttering rhythms, the listener is transported to a vivid dreamscape of refreshing colour. Simply put, this track inspired a galvanic awakening that every listener should experience. 

The track ends on the breath of the vigour that kicked off the track to begin with, returning to its initial instrumentals, followed by a breath-taking cadence that leaves you wanting to explore Okkaido’s entire discography. 


From a young age, Okkaido was encouraged to lend his creativity to writing music and playing instruments. 

His early talents saw Okkaido playing drums and even writing songs with his father for their family band. 

His musical trajectory took a new turn when he received a copy of one of 2 Pac’s albums, whereby Okkaido uncovered a deep admiration for the hip-hop genre. 

From there, Okkaido travelled to New York to refine his hip-hop skills even further. Appreciating the styles of Andre 3000, K Dot, and Mick Jagger, Okkaido has broken free of the mainstream formula, forging a path of defiance that can’t be contained to one genre. 

With a love for lyrical narratives and an unwavering penchant for bending virtuosic boundaries, Okkaido is one artist that you should look out for! 

‘Say It Like You Mean It’ is out now across all major platforms!

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