Tony Award Winner Known as Jesus G Releases Enlightening New Single ‘Fundamental’

Genre-bending genius Jesus G is back, celebrating his distinct style to give us a little teaser of his upcoming full-length album! As a result, we all get to immerse ourselves into the raw emotive essence of ‘Fundamental’. 

As an incredibly talented poetic artist, Jesus G has created a hauntingly hypnotic soundscape that combines the talents of an incredible assemblage of artists. 

From the retro-flecked instrumentals produced by Carl Bahner to the exceptional video-editing of Larry Barnes (10th Floor Productions) to the enthralling choreography from Jenn Rose, this single exudes an impressive degree of polish! 

So, with that being said, let’s take a dive into ‘Fundamental’. 


Jesus G’s track starts with a hypnotic, hazy bassline that ripples with rivulets of mellow, muffled timbres that seamlessly create a moody atmosphere within the introductory instrumentation. 

Wading through the darksome beauty of the initial melody, female vocals implement a sense of angelic purity to the brooding rhythm of ‘Fundamental’. 

It’s not long before an animated drumbeat paves the way for Jesus G’s full-bodied vocals to imbue the single with an unabashed degree of ardour. When combined, the two vocalists create an enthralling contrast of power and poise, embellished with grumbling guitar progressions and intricately layered harmonies. 

As a blend of alt-rock and electro music, this single serves as an eclectic melange of tonalities. These richly complex tonalities are beautifully expressed within the union of vocals, which are truly the crowning jewels of this track. 

There are moments when the vocalists’ harmonies sound as if they are in a soul-stirring dalliance; equally, there are moments where they sound as if they are battling for dominance. 

When considering the track’s lyricism, the pair’s vocal meanderings make perfect sense. As a narrative that displays a deep yearning for an ‘age of peace’, the melodies construe the excitement, the joy, and most importantly – the hardships – of finding belonging and acceptance. 

The track ends with a hauntingly optimistic last line: ‘Come through, its an open door’. For me, this track fully encapsulates who Jesus G is as an artist – a forward-thinking, versatile virtuoso who uses his personal experiences to enrich his music with a dulcet vulnerability. 

Jesus G 

As a classically trained musician, Jesus G has blossomed amidst a dazzling career that has taken him to the spotlights of revered opera stages to the depths of original songcraft. 

An exceptional performance in Baz Luhrmann’s Broadway production of La Boheme saw Jesus G receive a well-deserved Tony Award, and ever since, he has been swashed in a swell of utmost praise. 

Garnering international recognition from The New York Times, The Philadephia Inquirer, and Badisches Neueste Nachrichten (BNN) in Germany, Jesus G has established himself as a transcendental artist. 

Raised in the religious landscape of Southern America, Jesus G is a proud member of the LGBTQIA community, deriving his lyrical narratives from his personal experiences of oppression and freedom. 

With a kaleidoscope of vocal talent in his arsenal and a story that inspires liberation and transformation, Jesus G is the epitome of a captivating artist. 

‘Fundamental’ is out now across all major platforms!

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