Exploring Strange Brew’s Electrifying EP ‘Cursed’: A Fusion of Genres and Raw Authenticity

Strange Brew is a band that I’ve been listening to recently. I first discovered them on Spotify with their song “The Only Way.” Strange Brew expertly blends the genres of indie and southern rock, while incorporating experimental percussion elements to craft songs that defy convention and bring excitement to all who listen. They have recently released a 5-song EP titled “Cursed” that needs to be heard.

Soaring electric guitars start off the beginning track, “Cheap Shot.” The blissful sounds of rock n’ roll take over the airways. The vocal is delivered with the utmost fortitude, sounding like a blend between punk, glam rock, and southern classic rock. The song is complete with a captivating hook melody, chanting “Cheap Shot.”

Next we move on to “Last Train,” a song that has guitars that really fit in the southern rock genre. The bluesy banjo and slide guitars set the tone for this laid-back jam. The singer delivers with an incredible amount of emotion. This song is a grand reflection of the blues, mixing elements of modern sounds with timeless sounds and instrumentation. There is an element of rawness to the track which brings up greater authenticity, more emotion, and an epic feeling to the listener. The lyrics talk about traveling on the road, hoping to make it to Austin, Texas, soon. If the band puts as much effort into getting to Austin, as they have on this song, they will surely get there soon.

Cowbell starts off “Rock Bottom,” showcasing the classic rock inspiration of the band. The music really rocks n’ rolls while the lyrics share stories of hitting rock bottom in life, whether that’s an addiction, loss of job, crime, etc. Bluesy pianos are the most captivating part of the song.

At its heart, “The Only Way” resonates with unwavering genuineness. Each lyric is infused with the band’s unfiltered emotions, delving deep into introspection with raw honesty. The song is a lyrical masterpiece, complemented by the band’s gritty guitar work, forming a sonic landscape that’s both intense and mesmerizing. Read more about “The Only Way” here: Strange Brew Releases Their EP “Cursed” – Dedicated to Their Late Drummer Tom Webb.

The last track on the record really provides some grit. “No Bigger Fool” has soulful distorted guitars and a quick paced vocal that bleeds into the genre of punk at times. The guitars take on experimental riffs and bring on lots of shredding. The musical performance is really quite impressive. This song is a jam from start to finish!

Strange Brew is a rock band you must be listening to! Hear their latest EP Cursed on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata: https://www.submithub.com/m/u/ryancassatareviews

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