Peppermint Moon Gets Psychedelic with Pocket Dial Tears

Peppermint Moon, the moniker of Colin Schlitt, is out with a must-hear EP called  “Pocket Dial Tears.” Peppermint Moon blends many different genres to bring an exciting tone throughout the record, that feels unique, refreshing, and nostalgic. Throughout all songs, we hear authenticity, not just musically, but also lyrically. The EP has 6 stand-out tracks, and Rock the Pigeon is here to break them down, song by song.

“I Thought I Knew” starts off the record. Lyrically, it’s a song about arrogance and humility. Peppermint Moon says that the song “is about hubris in a small town where skeletons usually find their way out of the closet.” This track is driven by the warm sound of an acoustic guitar. Soloing lead guitar riffs and slowly-paced vocals, bring a psychedelic effect to the recording.

The pace picks up for “Above Clouds” which is a song about a doomed romance. The song has an upbeat vocal delivery. Musically, the song sounds cheerful, blissful, while perfectly blending pop and psychedelic rock. “The smell of her perfume was mixing with a cigarette.” Electric guitar riffs serve as a catchy hook on this track.

“Like Like Me” is a laid-back ballad about the love/hate relationship between acquaintances who act like friends while really hating each other. Often times, people see traits of themselves that they do not like displayed in others. This brings those traits to light, and causes a hatred feeling, which stems from self-hatred or shame. This song allows the listener to think about enemy relationships differently, ponder the complexity, and realize, there really is no reason to hate. We should all practice more self-love. That self-love will help us act better in the world. This song is a musical masterpiece, living in the classic rock and psychedelic rock world.

“Day to Day” feels mysterious from the very start. The songwriter credits popular TV shows as the source of inspiration for these tracks. He says it’s “Inspired by a line in HBO’s Six Feet Under. I also couldn’t resist a shout-out to The Dude from The Big Lebowski. This song is very laid back and has a magical feel to it. Strings soar through the speakers, lifting the song to another dimension.

“Foxy Friends” is another song about TV. It’s about Fox News and the way news stations spin stories or highlight different things to keep the public in a state of disagreement and ignorance. Psychedelic songwriting and performance elements are hallmarks of this track. We hear a building track, epic guitar solos, heavy drums, and a vocal that travels blissfully through the soundwaves. Effects on the vocals adds to the psychedelic nature of the track. This song is excellently produced!

“He She They” is the last track on the record. Peppermint Moon says the song “was inspired by a loved one. It’s about the journey of discovering your identity and the confusion that can result from that process.” Sounding in a similar vein to The Kink’s “Lola,” this song covers the experience of watching a loved one experience a gender journey and the lack of understanding from the people around them. The song builds after the final chorus, before entering back into a peaceful state.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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