kelle – About You

With her debut EP, About You, American singer kelle establishes herself as a pop star. It consists of five steady songs that go beyond the ordinary. kelle does everything she can to win you over.

Maybelline begins the project flamboyantly. We like its danceable beat. The vocals express heartfelt emotions with every note, elevating them to another level. The lyrics depict the heartbreak of leaving someone you love.

Hard To Tell provides catchy melodies. It discusses what it means to be in a non-defined relationship. The chorus kicks in brilliantly here, and makes the production even better.

The EP’s title track asks you to let go of doubts and heartbreak from past relationships as well as the world’s weight. A message such as this just inspires. Having that boost makes it easier to feel happy.

On High Standards, kelle talks with you as she’s your older sister. She believes that if you haven’t been tagged in someone’s Instagram story during dinner, it’s best to wait for someone special who will proudly present you as their partner.

We end with Fadeaway. The song aims to spark dialogue. It acknowledges that it’s completely normal to go through moments of fluctuation and change, similar to how waves ebb and flow.

kelle put so much heart into this project. She’s ready to prove her talent to everyone. Start listening to About You below!

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