PRISON ESCAPEE Releases Ethereal Indie-Rock Single ‘The Day Lennon Died’

PRISON ESCAPEE, otherwise known as Erik David Hidde, is back to add a sense of euphoria to these dreary winter months. After having released a hauntingly dulcet (and aptly named) 10-track album ‘Honey’, PRISON ESCAPEE rounds off 2023 with a gem of indie-rock known as ‘The Day Lennon Died’. 

Lingering amongst the poignant echoes of history, PRISON ESCAPEE’s new track is commemorative of John Lennon’s untimely passing. 

Through PRISON ESCAPEE’s ingenuity and emotive intensity, the listener can see through his sonic spyglass to view the world in a new, hypnotic shade. 

Within this new track, you can expect to embark on a journey of melancholy, vulnerability and beauty. 

So, with that being said, let’s dive into ‘The Day Lennon Died’. 

‘The Day Lennon Died’ 

‘The Day Lennon Died’ starts by adding a melancholic petrichor to the morose earth of the track. In the form of intricately layered instrumentation, every note gracefully imbues the melody of the track with a sense of darksome tonality. 

With the emergence of a steady drumbeat, the track flaunts an assemblage of contrasting tempos, exuding a certain feeling of unease within the track. 

Producing an almost eerie soundscape, the discordance of tempos beautifully imprints the texture of the track with sorrowful contours. Amidst every ambient bombination, you feel as if you are sinking deeper into the murky recesses of PRISON ESCAPEE’s mind. 

With that in mind, it was genius craftsmanship from PRISON ESCAPEE to release this phantasmagoric masterpiece from the confines of his living room studio. Through PRISON ESCAPEE’s unwavering dedication to production quality, you can’t help but be completely immersed in the depths of isolation and despair. 

Benumbed by the weighted fabric of sullen timbres, the track progresses towards a lull of voiceless, raw desolation. The lull only breaks at the tempestuous touch of a mesmerising sonic climax, whereby the guitar and drums unite in a doomed dalliance. 

After such an evocative crescendo, the track leaves you suspended as if you were a forsaken star amidst a cold stretch of the cosmos. Completely breathless, you glide back to Earth on the breath of the gently fading instrumentation. 

When the track ends, you are left in a state of awe, for there are no words that can truly encompass the ineffable swash of emotions that PRISON ESCAPEE can effortlessly ensnare. 


PRISON ESCAPEE’s trajectory towards his virtuosic career stems from a creative childhood, having written lyrics for fictional bands in his early years. 

Although these fictional lyrics would have no backing track, PRISON ESCAPEE displayed a talent for original music that would serve as the seed for a most fruitful career. 

Having mixed and mastered music in college, a passion for all things musical was realised by PRISON ESCAPEE

From there, PRISON ESCAPEE would go on to run an independent record label while simultaneously electrifying any coffee shop, club or festival where he and his band would perform. 

After turning his efforts towards his own original songcraft, PRISON ESCAPEE went on to release seven albums, one EP and a gorgeous melange of singles! 

With no sign of slowing down, I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings for PRISON ESCAPEE

‘The Day Lennon Died’ is out now across all major platforms! So, excuse me as I browse through PRISON ESCAPEE’s entire discography.

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