Romance Meets Contemporary Pop: Aiden Wasson Releases New Single ‘Can I Be Yours?’

Aiden Wasson is an excellent example of when gorgeous soundscapes meet raw, romantic emotions. This has never been more prevalent than in Wasson’s third single, ‘Can I Be Yours?’.

As a budding indie-pop artist, Wasson takes inspiration from the captivating smoothness of Harry Styles and the soul-stirring romance within Bruno Mars’s lyrics. 

However, his uniqueness shines through in his ability to truly capture and portray the intricacies of love. 

Wasson’s first single (‘Separate Paths’) saw the young singer-songwriter explore the poignancy of love lost, flaunting heart-shattering lyrics and hauntingly sorrowful melodies. 

Exhibiting a flair for experimentation, Wasson’s second single (‘She Likes Flowers’) saw the virtuoso celebrate a dynamic array of gorgeous instrumentals to mirror the multi-layered anguish of losing the one that got away. 

That brings us to now. So, without further ado, let’s embark on Aiden Wasson’s latest romantic journey. Here is ‘Can I Be Yours?’ 

‘Can I Be Yours?’ 

‘Can I Be Yours?’ introduces us to its shimmeringly bright composition with aestival sprigs of piano. Flaunting a honey-sweet adagio tempo, you immediately feel a sense of ease and warmth. 

Alongside the light timbre of the drums and the soft tonality of the piano, Wasson’s voice adds an additional embellishment of iridescence to this sun-splashed fabric of delight. 

Wasson’s voice serves as the pinnacle of purity, marrying the instrumental elements with controlled dynamics and affectionate grace. 

You can easily determine the direction Wasson is taking his craft toward, sporting a vim-filled chorus that demonstrates his joy and passion for music. 

The chorus accelerates the track with a punchy emergence of vivacious melodies and lively textures that perfectly encapsulate the anxiety and excitement of finding a new love. 

Unexpectedly, as the track progresses, Wasson pushes his voice to new heights, sporting sky-high pitch changes that are nothing short of angelic. 

As Wasson’s vocals and his sprightly piano pirouette around one another, you can’t help but become fully immersed in his balletic presentation of romance. 

The single offers a plentitude of heart-pumping cheeriness right up until the conclusive note, which ends with a sudden cadence and the rippling echo of Wasson’s dulcet voice. 

Aiden Wasson 

Aiden Wasson’s musical journey began with his brother’s long-forgotten piano and a gift for romantic expression. 

One show at his local church in front of a large audience was what it took for this self-taught prodigy to uncover a passion for performance. Ever since, his dedication to his songcraft has only intensified, paving the way for a potential-packed career within the indie-pop scene! 

This year has proven that Aiden Wasson is someone to watch out for, having amassed 5,700 streams on Spotify and spread his reach across 91 countries! 

If you’re like me, you’ll be eagerly anticipating what awaits Aiden Wasson in 2024! 

For now, let’s get in touch with our romantic side and unwind to ‘Can I Be Yours?’. 

‘Can I Be Yours?’ is out now across all major platforms, so excuse me as I add his entire discography to my playlist! 

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