Slim Pickerel Brings Great Songwriting and Incredible Guitar Solos

Let’s shine a spotlight on the massive talents of the Canadian band Slim Pickerel. Slim Pickerel are genius songwriters, and their tracks “Muskoka Memories” and “Pass the Mustard” prove that. Fans of indie rock, country music and folk music will not be able to get enough of this bands sound. “Muskoka Memories” is a laid back acoustic guitar driven song that features an emotional and folky vocal tone in combination with an electric guitar lead that sounds like heaven. The production is raw and authentic, giving all who listen a fresh and soothing sound. Muskoka Memories also features catchy hook melodies and an amazing guitar solo. Listen on Spotify now:

Slim Pickerel says: “Growing up in the southernmost tip of Canada across the river from Detroit, it sometimes feels like we have more in common with our big brother ‘merica, rather than our own country. NOT to say we aren’t proudly Canadian, but it is hard to not be influenced by the American media / music being so geographically close. If you wanted to see your favorite band you would have to go stateside as most acts would skip over Windsor and play one of the many amazing venues Detroit has to offer.”

Another great song by Slim Pickerel is “Pass the Mustard.” This is currently the band’s most popular song. This song leans more towards rock n’ roll. It has a funky vocal delivery that can fit in with indie rock bands and even some punk rock. The vocals are delivered with incredible attitude and swagger throughout the song. The guitars are distorted, playing blues riffs, that go along perfectly with the vocal rhythm. “Pass the Mustard” has a fun sound that showcases Slim Pickerel’s talent to write in multiple genres. The song also has two rockin’ electric guitar solos that will stop the listeners in their tracks. Listen on Spotify now:

The feel of Pass the Mustard was us as a band taking all of our experiences and influences and putting them into one big pot and stirring it up. Pass the mustard started off as our instrumental warm up/jam song. Something we would do to shake the dust off before we would start working on our original songs.  Very quickly we realized that it was a direct reflection of the band’s quirky fun side.  Lavin started singing the line “I am hustler, I am a real ball buster” and Brydges called back with the line “Pass the Mustard”.  Once that was established Lavin quickly (almost on the spot) wrote the lyrics for the verses and completed the hook and Brydges then worked in the “Dojo” (Slim Pickerel‘s home studio) on putting the final touches on the instrumentals and arrangements / mix to create what became one of our favourite tracks on our debut album.
We give ourselves the freedom to explore all sorts of genres and styles from each of the fella’s tastes. Nothing is ever off the table.  It’s what keeps things fresh.
In the same token, it lends to some confusion as to what kind of band we are. Country? Rock? We’ve branded it jokingly as “Southern Ontario Rock”.  Why put yourself in a box?
We let our listeners make that choice as to what our music genre is to them.
As all artists create something and then pass it along to the world. At that point it no longer belongs to that artist.  Its meaning may change as the individual’s perceptions changes. We love hearing what people think “Pass the Mustard” means. That in its essence is what makes the world such a beautifully odd, quirky and loveable place to be a part of. – Slim Pickerel
Both songs are off of Slim Pickerel’s self-titled LP. Listen now:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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