Emma Dilemma – Bed All Day

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Singer-songwriter Emma Dilemma shares Bed All Day, her new single. It’s based around a kazoo that marries rock and hip-hop, paying homage to artists like Eminem, The Beastie Boys, and K.Flay. The vocals on this song are sassy, which gives the lyrics even more attitude. The chorus is really catchy, and I’m sure I’ll be singing it for decades to come.

In Bed All Day, Emma’s journey is vividly portrayed as she grapples with existential crises and wrestles with the desire for life to seamlessly fall into place during those difficult and uncertain moments. With a touch of humor, the song cleverly satirizes the societal pressure to maintain an image of composure and popularity, while simultaneously highlighting the everyday struggle of getting out of bed and proving one’s self-worth to both oneself and the world.

Check out Bed All Day below!

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