Take a walk on the wild side with Genevieve Miles’ ‘So heavy, so hard to hold’ EP

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In her live performances, the UK artist Genevieve Miles embodies the “wild woman” spirit, but you wouldn’t know it from her paced and charismatic indie-pop EP, ‘So heavy, so hard to hold’. With consistent support over on BBC Radio and an ever-present name in her local music scenes of both Bristol and Birmingham, this down-to-earth musician is a rising presence across the sceptered isle. This EP has all the potential to reach new audiences thanks to the high relatability of the record’s themes – love, heartbreak, hope, disappointment, and all the gray areas in between. Of the six tracks on the EP, “Beer In The Fridge” stands out as a focal point, offering both the sensitive softness and poignant honesty that’s essential to Genevieve’s songwriting. In this single, the acoustic strings and mellifluous vocals unpacks a past relationship, reflecting on the good and bad times in equal measure. Ultimately, this love wasn’t meant to be and by the end of the track, Genevieve realizes that her future is far brighter when she leaves these memories behind her. As the EP marks a milestone in her career, Genevieve Miles emerges as an artist unafraid to break rules and express her authentic, emotional self.

“It is so amazing to finally be releasing this EP, something we have been working on for years. I wrote these songs throughout 2020, and it feels like I’ve grown up alongside them. They’ve been there for me as little gems of hope. They are about all the pain we carry around that feels too heavy for anyone else to hold, that often feels too scary to hold ourselves. I’m so proud that in moments of pain, my 20 year old self could find words. Now, in my 24th year, I have often found myself struggling for words in grief and loss, and I come back to these songs to feel understood, to feel held. I hope this EP makes you feel held and reminds you how truly loveable you are. You are never too much and you are always enough.”

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