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‘Turning Grey’ by Rootiger takes you on an emotional journey.

Rootiger – Turning Grey

A sombre but triumphant release from indie folk-rock artist Rootiger, ‘Turning Grey’ capitalizes on his previous catalogue to expand an already eclectic sound to something even bigger. An indie gem, this new single takes you on a contemplative journey that transcends just genre and resonates with the universal human experience.

From the opening, “Turning Grey” sets a melancholic tone, immediately drawing you into its bittersweet warmth. The odd but addictive psychedelic intro preluding a production vibe reminiscent of bedroom pop is perfect. The acoustic guitar, adorned with charismatic playing, establishes a bittersweet atmosphere that becomes the sonic canvas for the rest of the composition. The song’s musical arrangement is sparse but tightly woven, allowing the raw emotions embedded in the lyrics to take centre stage.

Rootiger is a project by Mark Dunford and his influences are on full display on this track. Housing the production quality of Alex G, the sincerity of an Elliot Smith track and the ambition of Radiohead’s more contemporary work, ‘Turning Grey’ is all the best parts of Dunford’s creative spirit personified. With elements of lo-fi and Americana, Rootiger’s sound is inherently unique while still paying respects to the influences Dunford wears proudly on his sleeve.

The introspective lyricism and deeper topics Dunford dives into are still present on ‘Turning Grey’ but its true strength lies in its relatability. Nostalgic but not self-indulgent, there’s an energy hard to pinpoint but present throughout the track.

The raw, unpolished quality of the recording contributes to the overall intimacy of the song, often creating an atmosphere that feels like a live performance in an intimate setting. The simple power in the vocals and the organic warmth of the instrumentation amplify the song’s emotional impact, making it feel like all the more genuine. 

Housing intimate emotionality that lingers from start to end, ‘Turning Grey’ is an authentic new single from Rootiger that stirs the soul.

A strong contender for one of Dunford’s best tracks, ‘Turning Grey’ hits all the marks with flying colours. A testament to his abilities as a songwriter and musician, this new single is an emotional journey from the get-go.

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