Molly O’Leary Signs to New Frontier Records and Releases Epic “Marigold”

Recently signed New-England based singer-songwriter, Molly O’Leary has released their latest track “Marigold.” This colossal 5 minute and 44 second track is filled with massive amounts of emotion from start to end. Molly’s soulful voice delivers the lyrics about grief and loss with fortitude, giving the listener a taste of the emotions.

In the singer’s vocal, we hear the voice of a supportive friend, an extra set of shoulders to lean on. This friendship is clearly very important to Molly. The lyrics give an inside perspective to the struggles of depression and how to be a friend that shows up in times of need. Everyone needs that type of friend from time to time.

Musically, “Marigold” features a slow build, adding to the epic nature of the track. Guitars get louder and louder and eventually erupt into a bluesy-Americana guitar solo. Drums, played by Megan Coleman, lift the song to new heights, especially when the beat fully sets in. The song settles down one last time before the end explosion. A horn section carries the song to the end.

Marigold is a song I wrote for my best friend. She was going through a hard time with grief and loss, and I wanted her to know that I’d always sit with her through whatever she was feeling. Marigold flowers symbolize hope and healing, which is also why I named the whole album Marigold. I think that theme that runs through every song – even if it’s sad, I wanted listeners to feel hope and healing, too. – Molly O’Leary

Molly recently signed to Will Hoge’s record label, New Frontier. Will Hoge also produced the song in Nashville! Molly O’Leary will be releasing their next LP soon! Listen to the single on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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