Puppets For Poets – Boat Of Dreams (Album)

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In the sun-soaked beaches of Southwest Florida, an indie rock idea was born, drawing inspiration from emotionally charged melodies found in bands like Crooked Fingers and The National. This is how Puppets for Poets, an enigmatic and soul-stirring band, came into existence. The name was chosen after recording their first single, Garden.

It’s our pleasure now to introduce the very first big project from Puppets For Poets, Boat Of Dreams. Its eleven tracks are anything but standard. They offer something you won’t want to miss.

Distance, which starts the project, is moody yet melodic, ensuring that it remains memorable. Unlike the previous song, Garden is more dynamic, with a gorgeous guitar riff swirling around the vocals. California sticks out for its infectious rhythm. The lyrics transport you to the west coast, and maybe even give you ideas for next summer. What a wonderful experience it would be to be there.

Tracks such as Miss You, Time and Better Place all sound differently. Despite this, they manage to remain united. Puppets for Poets really went for it.

Boat Of Dreams does a good job of introducing the band. It makes you a fan immediately, and also makes you curious about what they’re going to do in the future. We highly recommend checking out the project, preferably today. It will add a spark to your December. What more can you ask for?

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