not Robert Barnes – Afraid To Fall Asleep (Album)

not Robert Barnes’ Afraid To Fall Asleep is a journey of self-discovery and growth. Over three years, Barnes worked with artists across three continents to create an album that documented his life from ages 18 to 21. Each track gives a different vocalist to share their story and elaborate on Barnes’ musical vision.

Memories (FarBehind), featuring Dylan Longwarth, kicks off the project. It includes electronics that swell and recede like waves, creating a trance-like atmosphere. Dylan’s airy vocals drift over the music with much soul and emotion. It then moves on to Dream2 and Lo-Fi, which feel like sequels. Both of them are very steady musically.

With Rising, Halo, and Better Than That Barnes shows off his abilities, crossing genres like a pro. The ominous Tarot Card is driven by atmospheric and dynamic sounds that hold your attention. In particular, the chorus deserves special attention. Hyperamensiac follows, and it has the best melody of the project. It’s catchy, yet compelling at the same time.

Slowly features some piano work during the bride, which adds to its coolness. With unexpected twists and turns, Ceramic proves to be a technically strong song. As far as production is concerned, IN/LOVE is probably the most emotionally charged, mostly due to its quiet moments. Real keeps things real, with Baya singing so well. Spectre continues the high quality of the project, and serves as a bridge between CloseMyEyes, Pedestal, and Abyss..

Releasing Afraid To Fall Asleep is truly a milestone for Barnes. Through trial and error, connecting with other performers, and staying true to his vision, he created something meaningful. For any creative, putting your work out into the world is an act of courage. Barnes transcended all of his doubts in order to share his artistic truth.

Check out Afraid To Fall Asleep below!

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